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Bichon Frise


This animated powder puff came to France from the Canary Islands in the 14th century.

The name means ‘curly-coated lap dog’. The Bichon Frise, pronounced 'bee-shawn free-zay' is a gregarious breed with an outgoing, happy personality.

A non-shedding, white coated breed that requires brushing/combing 3-4 times a week to maintain a tangle free coat. Regular trips to the groomer keep the coat length manageable. 

Many new owners think they want a Bichon, but coat care is important, even if clipping down once in awhile as they are WHITE and can get MATTED with the double coat coming in around 1 year of age.

Preferred height at maturity (base of neck to floor) is 10" - 11 1/2". 

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Bichon Frise Breeders:

Kenningway Bichon Frise (Kendra)


Photo of a Bichon Frise from Kenningway Kennels
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