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Steeldust Dobermans

I am hooked on the Doberman breed, and have been since I was little. My father used to raise Dobermans & German Shepards and I have owned both breeds but there is just someting about the Doberman :-) . My first Doberman was over 15 years ago. I decided to become a breeder and am planning my first litter in 2022, assuming all health testing comes back good.

It has taken me a number of years to find the right btich to be my foundation. I am very focused on health (I am fed up with all the unhealthy dobes out there), conformation (form to function), and temperament.

I health test all of my dogs, and will be health testing all of my puppies. I encourage everyone to only buy a pup from a breeder who health tests and can prove it!

I was introduced to the world of dog showing in 2018 and I'm hooked! I presently compete in conformatioin, rally obedience, and sprinting. I am looking forward to stepping into the formal obedience ring, and trying scent work and agility in the future.



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