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To help educate people who are interested in purchasing purebred dogs/puppies, against puppy mills and connect them with leading professionals through information sessions, events and caring Canadian Kennel Club Members who provide health tested, quality-bred puppies to good homes.

Our Mission

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Who we are..


Calgary Associated Dog Fanciers is a non-profit organization that has been helping the public locate puppies from responsible breeders since 1976. Since then we have expanded to help dog lovers in Canada by connecting them with their breed associations, providing valuable information sessions, and linking to professional trainers running classes such as agility, obedience and scent work.

The listed Breeders on our Registry have been screened and have agreed to abide by our "Code of Ethics". These Breeders are encouraged to offer support and education to individuals interested in acquiring a puppy of their chosen breed.

We do not list any commercial kennel operations or puppy mills on our site. We endeavor to list people that are committed to their breeds and/ or the sport they are passionate about.  Our members are committed to assisting the public in understanding the drive and purpose of your chosen breed!

President Donna LaChance

Meet our team

President - Donna LaChance

Vice President - Tracy Goodbrand

Secretary - Melissa Mikl

Treasurer - Kim Curley

Director - Jennifer Van Doorn

Director - Leah Mikl

Director - Jody Haynes

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