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Puppies and older dogs are available from several sources. So . . . why would you choose to consider a CADF registry breeder?


The breeders listed on our registry have all been screened. They have agreed to abide by our code of ethics.


Responsible breeders are aware of the heritable problems associated with their chosen breed, and, where diagnostics are available, have screened their breeding stock against these problems. Because these breeders know their breeds they will be able to provide after-purchase help with your new dog (crate training, feeding, house training, selecting a veterinarian, etc.).

You can be assured that your pup is a purebred and will be registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, and is not the result of indiscriminate breeding at some far off puppy mill.


A breeder will know the positive and negative personality traits of their breed. They will know about the grooming and training requirements and their breed's little idiosyncrasies.


Breeders are often involved in dog-related activities (obedience, pet therapy, agility, etc.). They can help you locate activities to participate in should you desire.


For a personal touch, helping you fill your family's furry friend void, please consider one of our breeders. They would consider it an honour!

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